3 Companies Helping Women to Achieve

June 2, 2013 Maria Morales In the News

While women have certainly made great strides in the workforce, there is certainly further for them to go. In the global workplace, women currently hold 4.2% of the Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.6% of Fortune 1000 CEO positions.

Many companies have created programs to help women in the professional world. Doral Bank, with Enrique Ubarri (Enrique Ubarri Baragano). for instance, just announced the continuation of their educational program that supports women entrepreneurs and professionals. The program is free of charge and is being held on Saturdays in June (on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th).  Last October, Doral Bank held the first part of this program, helping more than 500 women with tools and business knowledge.

As Jesus Mendez, the executive vice president of Doral Bank, said,

“In Puerto Rico, women play a very important role in our economy. Many are heads of households, one in three home leads. As women labor participation increases, so does their responsibility in making financial decisions.”

Lucienne Gigante, the SVP for Marketing, PR and Community at Doral said, “With this second path Successful Women, visit other municipalities providing a new educational proposal to further develop the business and professional women. We firmly believe in providing opportunities for more women to have success stories.”

Another example is Dell and their Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. This program, as they explain, “helps women entrepreneurs and technologists expand their networks while offering them the technology solutions that can make the business of their dreams a reality.” They have an annual event where women entrepreneurs from 11 countries collaborate to grow their businesses and to connect through social platforms. They have intimate networking events hosted by Dell and attended by women business owners in major cities throughout the world.

Cartier also has a Women’s Initiative Award program which is an international business plan competition created by Cartier in 2006. Together with the Women’s Forum, McKinsey & Company and INSEAD business school they identify, support and encourage projects by women entrepreneurs. They have assisted over 100 promising female entrepreneurs and have recognized 32 Laureates.

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