Aegon and Aethra in Hedge Fund Index

June 14, 2010 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

The Aegon Global Opportunities Fund and the Aethra Global Strategies Fund were included in the Holland Capital Management hedge fund index of Finles on June 1st.


The Aegon fund is managed by Olaf van den Heuvel  and Aethra fund is led by Daan Potjer and Marc Vernooij. The latter recently received a fund listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Both funds are now ways for each 1.09 percent in the index. The largest stocks in the index IDB Real Estate Equity Fund, Japan Fund Pelargos, Saemor Europe Alpha Fund, the Fund and the Kempen Pelargos Asia Absolute Return Credit Fund.

Best performers

Finles the performance of the index in April announced. It had been a decrease of 0.08 percent. As of May 1 is the level of the index 112.40.

The global index rose in April HFRX 0.80 percent and the DBX hedge fund index achieved a yield of 0.60 percent.

The best performing funds in Holland were All Markets Index Fund, Japan Fund Pelargos, QTR Fund, Equity Fund and QAM Tradewind Fund.

May-months bad months

Finles has no figures for the month of May, for hedge funds badly. But according Finles were funds with a global macro strategy is best positioned for the month of May.

Finles Capital Management, a hedge fund index tracker on Holland in the market. This Holland hedge fund tracker may possibly also a listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

The funds included in this index are selected on the basis of size, liquidity, cost and correlation with the stock.

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