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February 1, 2017 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

There are many reasons a company might purchase another firm in the same or similar industry.  These can usually be broken down into two main areas:  financial and strategic. A company might want to benefit from the clients that belong to the newly-acquired firm or can leverage the technology they have been using or even to tap into some of the talents of the firm for sale’s employees. In this article, we look at a few recent corporate acquisitions that have taken place in Australia.

The Silverfern Group just announced its acquisition of Waste Services Group, in partnership with The Riverside Company. Clive Holmes,  co-Managing Partner at Silverfern explained the procurement as follows:

“Our investment in Waste Services Group further demonstrates that by partnering with lead investors and management with deep industry insight and local knowledge, Silverfern can effectively become a local investor, globally. We look forward to contributing to continuing and accelerating Waste Services Group’s growth in the fragmented Australian waste management industry.”

Earlier this month, Deloitte Australia purchased its sixth technological company – Strut Digital – in the space of two years.  With this new asset, Deloitte Australia should have an easier time creating an end-to-end offering and be able to bolster its tech transformation service department.  It is also hoped that this acquisition will result in Deloitte’s expansion of life cycle tech transformation process services.  This would cover consultation and planning, as well as implementation and management.

A few days ago, TFG (retail stores) purchased RAG (the Retail Apparel Group).  This acquisition enables TFG to extend its global augmentation into select regions with a product and value offering regulated with the firm’s varied business model. CEO at TFG Doug Murray commented that the firm was “excited to be able to realize [its] ambition to expand into Australasia through the very successful RAG business and its well established and experienced management team.”

These three examples cover the two larger categories of why companies engage in acquisitions.

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