Azentus Capital to Manage $1.8 Billion By Next Month

May 17, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Azentus Capital Management, the hedge fund managed by a former executive of Goldman Sachs, is said to be well on its way to managing $1.8 billion by the beginning of next month.

The Hong Kong-based firm began its trading only on April 1st, following an initial collection of $1.06 billion. Currently, Azentus manages $1.4 billion, and returned 0.3% last month. The company’s success may be a result of increased investor interest in proprietary traders like Azentus’s chief investment officer Morgan Sze. Such investors left their banks in order to start their own hedge funds, after the United States initiated the Dood-Frank Act.

“There is a decent level of demand for Asian hedge funds from western investors,” explained Frederick Ingham of Neuberger Berman Group’s Asian branch. “As many of these investors do not have due diligence staff on the ground in Asia, they tend to feel more comfortable investing in larger funds run by managers from globally recognized backgrounds.”

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