Japan-Based Hedge Fund Symphony Looking for More Investors

May 30, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

David Baran of Symphony Financial Partners

Symphony Financial Partners, founded in 2003 by a former executive from Goldman Sachs, is persuing an additional $1 billion in investments for its Japan-centered hedge fund which outperformed its peers by more than a factor of four.

David Baran is the co-chief executive officer of Symphony. He is looking for about $500 million in new funding for the $200 million, Tokyo-based SFP Value Realization Fund. The fund works with Japanese firms and their management to motivate corporate activities like share buybacks, according to Baran. In addition he is looking to raise between $400 and $500 million from outside investors for his $21 million Sinfonietta fund which is based on Asian macro investments.

“Our Japan experience has affected our world view, which has aided performance,” Baran said in an interview from his Tokyo office. “It’s timely to increase our exposure and assets as unlocking value are becoming easier with a dramatic increase of corporate actions in Japan.”

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