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Hedge Funds Reducing Gold Exposure

June 24, 2013 Debbie Jacobs Economic Barometer

The Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will reduce stimulus activity, combined with the recent slip in the value of exchange-traded products sent hedge funds to cut their bets on gold. It is the largest reduction in gold exposure since last February, lowering investor net-long positions by 29 percent, down to 38,951 futures and options by […]


Ben S. Bernanke, Federal Reserve, Gold,

Dollar Pushing Up in Longest Climb in Six Months

March 13, 2013 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

The dollar has been advancing in value for five straight weeks, its longest rally since last June. This news comes at a time when employers are adding more jobs than expected, making the United States economic potential higher at the moment than in other developed countries. The euro was low compared to the dollar, finding […]


European Central Bank, Sireen Harajli,

Four Stocks Hedge Funds are Unloading

November 29, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

For a variety of reasons the following four stocks have fallen out of favor with the general community of hedge fund managers. The reasons range from the sluggish US economy; risks associated with politics and regulations; downturns in company revenues and earnings; and over dependence on earnings in the coming year. Union Pacific Corporation: this […]


AT&T, Citadel Investment Group, Glenn Dubin, Highbridge Capital Management, Ken Griffin,

Middle-Class America Hurting Financially Says Survey

September 30, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a new survey published jointly by the Consumer Federation of America and Primerica, a financial services firm, revealing the financial difficulties the middle-class in America are now undergoing. The report, which was released in September, examined the finances of families earning between $30,000 and $100,000. It included a […]


Consumer Federation of America, John Addison, middle class America, Primerica,

Gold as an Economic Barometer

September 10, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Gold and the dollar are inversely related; as the dollar weakens the price of gold rises, and vice versa. But it isn’t always easy to explain the reason behind the movement of the dollar against gold. The recent gold rally has investors and analysts speculating about the causes, with several theories persisting. Conventional wisdom says […]


Ben Bernanke, dollar, Federal Reserve, Gold,

Economic Barometer: China’s Glut of Goods

September 3, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

After about thirty years of unsuppressed growth, China is experiencing an unfamiliar phenomenon, unsold products. Piling up on shop floors, in car dealerships and in factory warehouses are goods which no one is buying, at least not as fast as they are being produced, or as fast as they were sold in the past. The […]


Ann Stevenson-Yang, China, inventory glut, J Capital Research,

Chemical Activity Barometer Leading Economic Indicator Shows Growth

August 27, 2012 James Heinsman Economic Barometer

Last week the American Chemistry Council released its third monthly report of the Chemical Activity Barometer. The CAB is a respected indicator of the economy, bringing together information on the activity of the chemical industry. Last month the CAB went up by 0.4 percent over the month before, and is the second monthly increase the […]


American Chemistry Council, Chemical Activity Barometer, Kevin Swift,

Hedge Fund Returns Show Positive Outlook for 2012

August 20, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Economic Barometer

Despite global economic turmoil and the euro zone debt crisis, hedge funds have managed to increase their revenue every month this year. Last month, they advanced significantly thanks to trades in oil, the euro and Facebook shares. According to, “The SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index, which tracks the performance of the majority of […]


Bill Stone, Hedge Fund Index, Hedge Fund Returns, Hedge Funds, Hedge Funds 2012,

Hedge Fund Gains in July Driven by Facebook Shares

August 15, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Economic Barometer

Though July may be considered disappointing, hedge funds have managed to prosper despite the euro zone crisis. Last month’s gains, though meager in comparison to predictions, were driven by three different trades- oil, the euro, and surprisingly, Facebook shares. According to a statement from the SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index, the firm gained 1.42% […]


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John Paulson Predicts The Unraveling of the Euro

July 24, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Economic Barometer

An investor recently revealed that John Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager, claims there is a 50% chance that the euro will unravel. Paulson stated the figure while discussing the current financial situation with several clients. In a conference call, Paulson also predicted that a breakup-triggering event may occur any time between three months to […]


Bloomberg, Hedge Fund Manager, John Paulson, Paulson & Co,

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