Stocks Popular Now with Hedge Fund Managers

December 24, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Looking for a good place to find undervalued stocks? Try examining which stocks were purchased by several insiders, and see if their shared opinions are an indicator of where the stocks are going. Here is a list of several stocks which are now popular among hedge funds, bought in large quantities by more than 30 managers and other key investors as well as several insiders.

Citigroup: made it to the list in the third quarter of 2012 and bought by multiple insiders in the past three months. Citigroup also had the distinction of having over 30 hedge funds investing in them.

Kinder Morgan Inc: is a $37 billion market cap oil and gas pipeline company. Now it is the most popular energy stock for hedge funds. Two insiders purchased positions in Kinder Morgan in the last three months. A large purchase was also made in late October at an average price per share of about $34.75.

Visteon Corporation: three board members increased their positions in this auto parts company in the last three months, the latest purchase on December 17 at $50.40. SAC Capital Advisors also upped their ante in Visteon during the third quarter.

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