Citigroup’s Guide for Start-Up Hedge Funds

January 24, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

Despite ups and downs in the market as the global financial situation wavers, Wall Street is still supporting hedge fund pioneers.

Citigroup recently publicized a 31-page guide for hedge fund start-ups, which lists five key points in getting a fund up and running.

“The Citi Prime Finance Hedge Fund Start-Up Guide is being published at a time we believe represents a new inflection point in the evolution of the industry and the emergence of a new model for managing a hedge fund,” the paper says.

“In our view, the infrastructure and software choices enjoyed by a manager I today’s environment deliver a ‘virtual set’ or services and products that we are describing internally and to our clients as ‘Hedge Fund 3.0’.”

The guide covers structure and control; infrastructure (including real estate, computer system setup, build-out and integration testing); service providers, organization and marketing.

“We have designed out Business Advisory services around a Hedge Fund Maturity Model that identifies how firms change over time as their AUM (assets under management) grows and their global reach expands,” the guide explains. “Just as we helped you navigate the challenges of this start-up phase, we have industry insights, key industry benchmarks, and practical hedge fund templates that will help you remain at the forefront of your peers.”

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