Clinton Finds Backing from Hedge Fund Stars and Hollywood Celebs

July 5, 2015 James Heinsman In the News

The race for president in 2016 is getting underway, and some of the country’s most famous names in finance and the arts are putting their money where their beliefs are. Interestingly, support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy seems to attract a wide variety of star material, uniting them in their belief that Clinton is the best woman for the job.

In the past three months the super PAC known as Priorities USA Action will have raised $15.6 million for Clinton. The information is made public when the PAC files its quarterly fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission. According to law, super PACs are allowed to accept donations of any size. The biggest donation to Clinton’s campaign during the last quarter was from the owner of the Spanish language Univision Network, Haim Saban, for $2 million.

Hedge fund heavy George Soros is also supporting Clinton. Other big names include film makers Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, investor Donald Sussman and Boston-based political activist Barbara Lee.

The Priorities PAC was first established to raise money for the Obama re-election campaign in 2011. But the PAC was doing nothing until a former Clinton campaign aid, Guy Cecil, came along to revive it last May. The last four weeks saw about 80 percent of its contributions so far.

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