Deutsche Bank’s James Ruane Moving to Bayview International Hedge Fund

December 4, 2019 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

As Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is making big changes during its most comprehensive restructuring since it was established 149 years ago, James Ruane, head of the bank’s internal mergers and acquisitions, has chosen to depart.

Ruane was a member of a small group working closely with Chief Executive Christian Sewing, which led the unsuccessful takeover talks with Commerzbank earlier in 2019.

Ruane will become the head of European special situations for the hedge fund Bayview International.

Ruane’s exit comes one week before the bank will host a capital markets day at which it will try to persuade investors that the new focus of the bank on its German market and also Europe, is a profitable decision that will continue to progress according to plan.

Andreas Loetscher, the head of accounting, will take over Ruane’s role, in addition to his own work.

Last July Mr. Sewing announced his plan to reduce the size of Deutsche Bank’s investment division, including the removal of 18,000 jobs and the divesting of over €280 billion in no-longer wanted assets totaling about 20% of its balance sheet. Since that announcement other top executives have left the bank, including the bank’s head of mergers and acquisitions, Celeste Guth.

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