Doral Bank Launches Children’s Education Program

October 8, 2012 Maria Morales In the News

Doral Bank’s ‘d parks’ program was launched four years ago. This year, the Doral Financial subsidiary invested over $100,000 to the project’s newest phase: the planting of gardens and educational games for children’s development.

Aimed at strengthening low and moderate income communities through reforestation, the parks project has impacted more than one million people in over 16 communities. Doral’s organization works alongside the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

DNER Director of Reforestation Rodrigo Matta said: “We appreciate the commitment of Doral to the environment and education, to promoting urban reforestation, and to our efforts to improve the quality of life and the legacy of our future generations.”

Doral also established a partnership with the Women’s Leadership Council of United Way to support early education for children. The project hopes to educate and integrate learning into everyday opportunities, making a difference in the lives of both children and their families.

Doral’s Lucienne Gigante said: “The parks are centers of union, community and family. Reforesting and improving the quality of a park strengthen the community. With our new partnership, we provide tools to promote early education.”

United Way of Puerto Rico president, Mr. Samuel Gonzalez Cardona, added: “Because we live in a time that permeates violence and school dropouts, it is more important than ever to emphasize the importance of the education of our future generations. These facilities are a major step forward in the search for this education and prevention message in our daily lives.”

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