DTCC Expanding and Reshuffling Executive Positions

August 5, 2013 Debbie Jacobs Hedge Fund News

In order to strengthen the company’s leadership team, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) will be bringing on to their executive staff line-up several new managers as of September 1st.

“DTCC’s clients and key stakeholders are increasingly looking to us to develop and provide solutions that will help them effectively navigate the current economic and regulatory environment,” says Michael Bodson, president and chief executive officer of DTCC. “Through the guidance, dedication and solid expertise of the highly-talented individuals that make up our leadership team, DTCC is committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a rapidly evolving and dynamic market place.”

Ellen Fine Levine– Ms. Levine will take-on a new position for the company, that of executive client officer. Her primary role will be to improve client service for DTCC’s middle and top market clients located around the world. Levine will be leaving her position as chief financial officer at DTCC.

Susan Tysk-Cosgrove– Taking over the position vacated by Ms. Levine is Ms. Tysk-Cosgrove. She will lead the global finance and treasury group at DTCC while also overseeing the company’s efforts to strengthen its capital position and financial processes. Cosgrove is leaving her position as DTCC’s general manager of settlement & asset services.

Daniel Thieke– Mr. Thieke will be moving into the place vacated by Ms. Cosgrove, general manager of settlement & asset services. As manager it will be his responsibility to lead DTCC in its daily functioning. He will oversee strategic development of important company initiatives and structural changes.

“Throughout our history, a strong leadership team has been one of the hallmarks of DTCC’s consistent ability to help preserve the security and sound operation of the financial system and to develop forward-looking services for our clients and the industry at large,” adds Bodson. “These appointments not only reflect our robust leadership succession strategy, but also position us well to compete effectively in an increasingly more complex and interconnected global marketplace.”

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