Gei Lin Leaving London, Heading to New York to Start Own Hedge Fund

June 19, 2014 James Heinsman In the News

Former macro portfolio manager at the London office of Capula Investment Management jumped ship, returned to New York, and is launching hedge fund of his own.

Gei Lin was portfolio manager in the global rates business at BlackRockin New York before heading east to London to join Capula in July 2012 to work their systematic hedge fund. It seems it only took two years, or even less, to decide to go out on his own back in NYC. The hedge fund he will launch is as yet unnamed.

Due to Gei Lin’s background in quantitative analytics it is expected that the fund he begins will have a leaning towards quantitative analysis. Lin studied algorithmic game theory, advanced matrix computations, and computational tools and methods for finance at Cornell University.

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