Hedge Fund Founder on YouTube

November 11, 2013 Ryan James In the News

In an unusual move,Ray Dalio recently posted a thirty minute video on YouTube. As founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, the hedge fund guru is offering advice to the regular investor. This move appears unusual for a few reasons. First, hedge fund managers tend to be tight lipped and quiet about their industry. Second, they certain don’t use social media outlets, or the even more public forum of YouTube, to explain their tactics and their plans. But this appears to be what Dalio is doing.

As writer Zach Kouwe recently explained on his blog, “There’s no doubt Mr. Dalio wants to influence policymakers, regulators and academics. But another benefit of sharing his message on YouTube is that it humanizes him a bit and shows the world he’s a serious and transparent thinker – not just the billionaire leader of some hedge fund cult.”

Here’s the video. Viewers can decide for themselves what they think of his style:


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