Hedge Fund Moving into Manhattan’s Newest and Chicest Office Building: Solar Carve Tower

October 3, 2019 James Heinsman In the News

The Solar Carve Tower, located at 40 10th Avenue along the High Line and overlooking the Hudson River, is filling its floors with tenants. One of its newest will be RTW Investments, a hedge fund investment firm with a focus on health care. RTW is no located not too far away, at 412 West 15th Street.

Solar Carve Tower under construction. Photo courtesy MainlyTwelve

The pharma focused hedge manager will occupy the entire seventh floor, which covers over 14,000 square feet. The rental agreement is for ten years. Rents are estimated for the building to be between $170 and $210 per square foot.

Others leasing space in the building include Starwood Property Group, which is on the eighth floor, and a Genesis auto marketing center will take up 41,000 square feet on the ground floor set to open at the beginning of next year.

Solar Carve Tower is a unique structure designed by US architectural firm Studio Gang. The design was first revealed in 2017 and is a glass tower with the appearance of large chunks of glass having been carved out of its face. The design gives the impression of a faceted edge, angling inward about halfway towards the top of the tower. The architects’ goal was to have the facets follow the path of sunlight so that shadows would be minimized and views to the river and the rest of Manhattan would not be blocked. Studio Gang called this process “solar carving”, and that is why the building bears the moniker “Solar Carve Tower.”

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