Hedge Fund Raises Funds for Japan

May 4, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Man Group Assists Post-Japan-Trauma

The Man Group has been working hard on helping out Japan. It has just raised $1.5bn for a new hedge fund that will be run from Japan. It did way better than it expected. It actually only thought it would make a third of that amount, rendering it the Man Group’s “largest since the financial crisis.” The Group also said that “capital inflows from clients were recovering,” despite the cost it incurred of the Japanese crises, resulting in around $2bn losses.

Nomura Global Trend

Nomura Global Trend was set up in conjunction with the Japanese investment bank Nomura whose principal work is “futures in currencies, commodities and fixed income.” Investors have the opportunity to choose from three share classes: yen, Australian dollar or Asian currencies. The fund would have begun earlier, but was pushed off due to the Japanese crises in March. This fund definitely assists the Man Group’s reputation which in 2010 purchased GLG Partners at a price of $1.6bn in an effort to move away “from its flagship fund AHL.”

Around 15 percent of Nomura’s assets are from rich Japanese clients and has also set up partnerships with Japan’s two major banks (Nomura and Mitsubishi UFJ). It began trading at the end of last month, just one day before Glencore (a commodities group) was set to “reveal an initial price range for its $12bn proposed London listing, which has caught the eye of the world’s largest investment houses.” The company’s shares increased 3.3 percent.

New Strategies

These two factors indicate that there has been more interest in “higher-risk, higher-return investment strategies as equities markets hold up well against rising political tension in North Africa and the Middle East.”

It’s good to see that there has been so much support for Japan after its crises. It’s also good to know that the country’s economy was so strong pre-March, that in conjunction with all the support it’s receiving, it should be well on the road to a good recovery.

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