Hedge Funds Climb Along with Moods on Wall Street

August 13, 2009 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Optimism has taken hold of hedge fund managers lately as the major indexes, such as the Eurekahedge Fund Index and MSCI World Index show gains in the month of July. This month’s gain continues a 5 month upward trend for hedge fund managers.

According to the Eurekhedge Index, July posted a 2.1 percent gain, while the MSCI showed a remarkable 8.4% rise. The year to date improvement comes to 12 percent for the Eurekahedge and 14 percent for MSCI.

Hedge fund managers are feeling relief to finally be leaving the difficult times of the 2008 financial markets. They are hopeful that the rest of 2009 will leave the recession behind in the dust bowl of history. Many analysts view 2008 as the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of late 1929 and the 30’s.

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