Woman Hedge Fund Manager-Mom Tells How to Have it All

June 16, 2013 James Heinsman In the News

 Finerman's Rules Help Women Succeed at Home and In the Office

Finerman’s Rules Help Women Succeed at Home and In the Office

New York-based hedge fund manager Karen Finerman and mother of two sets of twins tells how to succeed at business and life in a new, just-released book entitled: Finerman’s Rules: Secrets I’d Only Tell My Daughters About Business and Life.

Finerman has what to say about everything from merger arbitrage to clothes-buying advice, always emphasizing the importance of financial independence for women and their frequently seen need to get out of their own way to success.

The author is not afraid to say what she feels despite its obviously politically incorrect position. Finerman equates success with money, and she also believes women should not be afraid to use their sexuality as a business strategy.

Finerman was inspired to write her book when she saw that her girls had a different attitude towards financial independence as her boys, despite the fact that they grew up in the same environment. Her two sets of twins are both boy-girl combos, ages 16 and 12. For some unknown reason the girls absorbed the message that they could one day rely on someone else for their financial security, while the boys felt it was their responsibility to become financially independent.

“I thought about my career and all the things I’d done wrong and all the things I wish people had told me,” Finerman said. “Sometimes, I feel women get in their own way. I know I did it many times. So how could I keep my daughters getting out of their own way?”

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