Let’s Take a Look at 2019’s Best Performing Hedge Fund

August 29, 2019 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

So far 2019 has been kind to investors. So far, the S&P 500 index has grown by about 20%, a nice performance and hard to beat. But apparently not for three-year-old Singapore-based Vanda Global Fund. This hedge fund outperformed every other fund so far this year, skyrocketing by an awesome 278%! How were these results achieved?

Chong Chin Eai, the founder of Vanda, raised $24 million from his friends and family in 2016 and launched Vanda. But trouble hit almost immediately when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. The fund lost over 50% in those early days.

Chong was far from ready to give up, which he says many other managers would have done at that point. But he said that he wanted to “show investors the flow of the fund and the growth of the fund, both in terms of the performance and also in myself.”

So instead of packing his bags, he stuck with the fund and his investors. Today Vanda has close to $200 in assets under management. And this year has proven the treasure at the other side of the rainbow with an outstanding and unbeatable growth of 278% through July 2019. It is officially the world’s best-performing hedge fund, according to Eurekahedge.

How did Chong get such coveted results? He puts his money in the nail-biting world of exchanged-traded futures. The fund has over 100 positions including a large array of assets classes, from commodities and government bonds to stocks. This type of investing is not for everyone. The highly leveraged investments can take those involved on real rollercoaster rides. For instance, in 2017 the fund climbed 260%, but then fell by 49% in 2018.

The fund hedges the extreme risk with as much as half of its aum in low-interest (and low risk) money market accounts.

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