Masaru Mastsumoto’s Hayate Atom Investment Returns 0.9%

April 17, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Former Goldman Sachs trader Masaru Matsumoto’s Japan-focused hedge fund Hayate Atom Investment Co. has returned 0.9% since its start four days after the earthquake and tsunami.

According to Matsumoto, the fund began with around $4 million from both domestic and overseas investors on March 15th. The fund has a maximum capacity of 20 billion yen, and shoots to collect around 2 billion yen by September.

The fund invests in stocks and futures indexes, based on an algorithmic model developed by Matsumoto himself. The model calculates while taking into account market shifts, fundamental analysis, news and “noise” factors, he explained.

“This is a good time to start,” Matsumoto said. “We lowered our risks to adjust to this crisis condition, but our fund depends on a model that eliminates any human emotions, so that has helped in a market like this.”


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