Meditation Key to One Manager’s Success

November 13, 2013 PJ Moore In the News

Ray Dalio says he has been meditating twice for 20 minutes each time, for 44 years, and it has been the secret to his success. The genius behind  Bridgewater Associates, and acknowledged as one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers, Dalio was discussing his passion at the recent NYTimes Dealbook Conference.

“It’s such a great investment … more than any other factor in my success. It opens up the two sides of the brain, brings a creativity and open-mindedness.” he says. “It allows you to clear your head and bring an equanimity to everything.”

Dalio is not alone in his practice of meditation as a stress-reducer and contributor to clear thinking. Fellow hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb, and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin both say Dalio inspired him to take on the practice. Sorkin explained that a session of meditation the night before the Dealbook conference helped him to calm his nerves.

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