Meet Five Rising Hedge Fund Stars

May 6, 2019 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

The world’s most talked-about hedge fund conference is about to get underway on May 6, 2019. The Sohn Investment Conference is entering its 24th iteration at the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, and will once again feature up and coming talent in its “Next Wave” series. This special series highlighting new faces in the niche investment space of hedge funds was launched six years ago by Sohn, and this year’s group of young starts is the most diverse yet.

The relative newcomers are given the stage to present their most creative investment ideas.

Angela Aldrich is the founder of Bayberry Capital, and her super power is short betting. She is a graduate of Duke University and was in the investment-banking division at Goldman Sachs. She also graduated from Stanford Business School, and then worked at Blue Ridge Capital for four years.

Todd Westhus
launched Olympus Peak Capital, which is now managing $600 million but is looking forward to having $750 million under is care by the end of this summer. Also a graduate of Duke, Westhus worked for Avenue Capital and Perry Capital. He is planning on what he says will be a “controversial” presentation at Sohn.

Parvinder Thiara is the founder of Athanor Capital. He already ahs $1 billion under his belt and employs 20 workers after only 2 years of trading. He worked at DE Shaw before starting Athanor.

Lauren Nicole Wolfe is a co-founder of Impactive Capital. Her and her partner Christian Asmar are both former employees of Blue Harbour. There special strategy is to invest in companies that can improve not only their traditional business models but also their environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings. They have an initial investment from the California State Teachers’ Retirement System amounting to $250 million.

Matthew Smith is the founder of Deep Basin Capital. He ran a portfolio for Ken Griffin’s Surveyor unit worth about $3.6 billion but has been working on his own baby for the past 18 months. He as a 13-person staff and runs his firm from Stamford, Connecticut.

The Sohn Conference is imbued with a special mission to bring the best and the brightest Wall Street stars together on behalf of furthering the goal to finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Matthew Smith,

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