New Fund Launching with Backing from Soros’ Sons

November 26, 2017 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

A former money manager from the George Soros family office, Santiago Jariton, is making plans to start a hedge fund primarily focused on stocks in Latin America. The main backing for the launch will be coming from two of Soros’ five children, Jonathan and Robert.

Jariton, who is 37, started with Soros in 2005, and in 2014 became the head of Latin America equity investments at Soros Fund Management, until this past May. The plan is for the new fund to open in February 2018 with a maximum of $250 million AUM with a large junk from the Soros brothers. The new fund will be called Emerging Variant.

The fund will open offices in New York, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, trading securities from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Emerging market investments have been trending recently, with investments topping out at a record $223 billion during the third quarter of 2017. That represents a growth of 11 percent from last year. Of the 1,145 hedge funds that invest in emerging markets, only 10 percent are invested in Latin American stocks. Latin America is leading in growth among the emerging market strategies, with 10 percent growth in Q3.

Last June Gerorge Soros’ eldest son Robert left his position as chairman and president of Soros Fund Management, so he could spend more time managing his own money at the Soros family office. Five years ago, Jonathan established his own, connected family office, JS Capital.

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