New Fund Named for Grandpa Melvin Plotkin to be Launched by Ex-SAC Employee

August 18, 2014 Ryan James Hedge Fund News

Gabriel Plotkin, former employee of Steven A. Cohen, is now in the process of raising as much as one billion dollars for his as-yet non-existent fund which he has decided to name after his grandfather, Melvin Plotkin.

Plotkin, who is 35, has not discussed the reasons for his decision to name the fund after his grandfather in public, but it is definitely and unusual way to name a new hedge fund.

Cohen named what became his wildly successful SAC fund after his own initials. Daniel Loeb, also a billionaire investor was inspired by his hobby, surfing, to name his fund Third Point. This name refers to a particular place in Malibu Beach where the waves break the highest.

Plotkin’s grandfather was a small-business owner, but is now deceased. Melvin Capital is expected to begin trading this coming year, and observers of the hedge fund sector are anticipating it’s launching with excitement. Plotkin has been one of SAC Capital’s most successful traders in recent years. At one point Mr. Plotkin and his management team focused on a portfolio made up mostly of consumer product stocks whose value totaled about $1.3 billion. This summer he has been toning down his trading and increasingly focusing on setting up his own firm.

Plotkin and Cohen will maintain their relationship, just not as employer and employee. Cohen has agreed to invest as much as $200 million in Melvin Capital. It is expected that when the new fund is ready to launch that he will take his team of assistant traders and analysts with him. It is not yet known where Melvin will set up home. We will have to just wait and see.

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