New Study Shows Women and Hedge Funds Still Don’t Mix

March 4, 2019 James Heinsman In the News

Female Execs. Courtesy of
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According to a new report released by Preqin, women make up less than 20% of the hedge fund industry’s work force, a number that has barely changed since November 2017. Women are even rarer in the upper echelons of the $3.2 trillion sector, composing a mere 11% of the senior execs.

In November 2017 Preqin found that 18.6% of employees in the hedge fund space were women, creeping up to 19.3% in February 2019. Amy Bested, Preqin head of data products stated:

“Ultimately, while it is encouraging to see some progress in recent months, there is still a long way to go for female representation in the industry.”

Some industry observers believe the situation for women in hedge funds could be in reality even worse. Hedge fund journal Absolute Return observed last year that over the previous five years more hedge funds were started by men named David than by women, of any name.

“We’re tracking statistics on how many women are managing money because that’s where the power is,” said Chief Executive Janet Cowell, of Girls Who Invest.

The industry is beginning to realize that it is plagued with ‘unconscious biases’ in hiring that need to be addressed, including things like “like likes like.” Knowing such attitudes exist is the beginning of change.

“As an industry, we are not helpless to make progress. Let’s start talking about what’s working to get the numbers up,” said CEO Amanda Pullinger, of 100 Women in Finance.

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