US Based NIR Group Joining Journey to Asian Investment Strategies

November 15, 2010 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

According to the respected hedge fund tracker Eruekahedge, based in Singapore, hedge funds are investing in Asia like never before. Well established funds like those managed by the Long Island based NIR Group, have joined the record high number of 1,278 hedge funds investing in Asia in July, 2010. Just in the year 2009 there were only 1,200 hedge funds invested in Asia, and this year’s numbers beat out the previous high reached in 2007 of 1,240.

The NIR Group opened a new office in Singapore in 2009, appointing Shoham Cohen to head it. Asia has been a bright spot for hedge fund investors such as the NIR Group. These companies see strong economic growth and less regulation in places like Hong Kong and Singapore as an incentive to pour money into the Asian economy.  The positive characteristics in the Asian financial sphere look even better when compared to the increased regulation of hedge funds that Western countries are imposing on them in response to the financial crisis they are now experiencing.

The Eurekahedge report waxed positive on the trend they observed regarding hedge fund investments in Asia.

“The 125 Asian hedge fund launches in the first seven months of the year represent a return to the healthy growth seen before 2008,” Eurekahedge said in a report.

Many firms have jumped on to this financially booming band-wagon, including Artradis Fund Management, Man Investments, and the NIR Group, as mentioned above. Other reasons given for this movement to Asian investments are increased availability of complex financial products, less expensive costs to set-up shop in Asia compared to in the West, and the efforts made by local governments to induce global fund managers into the region.

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