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July 27, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Gaurav Pant has just been appointed as investment advisor to the new MST Indian Absolute Return Fund (MSTIARF), in Mumbai, by global investment specialist Dalton Strategic Partnership (DSP).  According to Hedge Week, it is anticipated that this fund will start in two months’ as “a sub-fund of the Melchior Selected Trust, a Luxembourg SICAV.”

Fund’s Objective

The fund’s main objective is to “generate consistent, high levels of positive absolute returns from a portfolio of both long and short Indian equities.”  As well, it seeks to “deliver an annual return of 12-18% whilst reducing the normal volatility experienced by investors in Indian equities.”

Portfolio Investments

The main investments of the new fund will be “highly liquid listed equities and consist of approximately 25 carefully constructed themes which aim to generate alpha and isolate risk.”  It will function within a somewhat modest net exposure of between -10 percent to +25 percent alongside a mean gross exposure of between 80 to 120 percent.

According to DSP Managing Partner Magnus Spence, “the dispersion of returns in large, liquid Indian equities is substantial, and greater than that which is found in most other markets. This creates significant opportunities for the generation of alpha. The combination of a highly talented relative value investor such as Gaurav, with a market which offers an abundance of sizable dispersion opportunities should deliver outstanding risk adjusted investment returns.”

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