Pat Hayes on the New Significance of Data Management

July 30, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

As economies grapple with internal and external stressors, the investment industry faces some significant changes.

For one, investors have been developing several new approaches to hedge fund risk management and asset allocation. This, combined with the general demand for enhanced information and participation as well as new regulations and requirements, has put the hedge fund industry into a rough spot.

According to HedgeWeek’s Pat Hayes:

“Only robust data management capabilities can produce the answers that investors, with the memory of the financial crises still fresh in their minds, are demanding.

As a result, data management now plays a central role in the integrated solutions for assessing the risk and performance that can help managers to maximize returns in a more risk-controlled environment. Far more than a record-keeping function, it has become an essential element on the frontier for investment analytics, addressing the defining dilemma for asset managers in today’s climate: the need to achieve enhanced returns in a world more risk-averse than ever.

As hedge funds consider outsourcing among their data management options, they also recognize that asset servicing organizations- with their geographic breadth and local expertise- represent valuable sources of insight into way to streamline their operations or refine their product offerings. Whether supporting key reporting activities, helping to manage risk, or enabling managers to seek new markets and investors, service providers can become strategic partners for leveraging the value of data.”

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