Focus on Companies: Pulse Electronics Corporation

July 18, 2012 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

Ralph Raison, President and CEO of Pulse Electronics

Pulse Electronics Corporation was first founded in 1947 and previously was called Technitrol, Inc. Pulse produces electronic components and modules which are used in almost every type of electronic equipment and product to manage, transmit, and regulate power and electronic signals.

This innovative company helps its customers to build their next successful product by providing them with the components they need and the technical solutions they want. They have worked successfully with magnets, antennas and connectors.

Pulse is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic component parts, with offices in San Diego, CA; Bristol, PA; Vancouver, WA; Germany, China and Finland. They create products in three main categories; Network, Power and Wireless, and create a huge variety of products for each of these categories.

Pulse Electronics, Ralph E. Faison,

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