Robo- Hedge Funds Scoring Big

September 23, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Robo-hedge fund

Back in 2015, human hedge fund managers embraced their robotic counterparts and incorporated AI, big data, and computer programs in their efforts. Today, those very same robots are yielding substantial gains across the industry.

By employing machines to do some of the basic elements of hedge fund management, quality assurance and efficient data processing or transferring are guaranteed. The automation of investor research sources coalesces a robust knowledge set into a formidable resource that can be used to facilitate decision-making. Robots trained to collect material from a variety of platforms (excel, websites, CRM systems, etc.) and yield concise reports, assist fund managers and analysts in making speedy, informed decisions.

The current European energy crisis is just one example. Exploding energy costs across the region are proving very profitable for hedge funds that rely on machines for their strategy building and decision making. These untapped, little-known markets would be too cumbersome to study and evaluate; the reliance on robotic hedge funds allows for quick and lucrative investments.

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