Stock-Picking Managers Show Gains in June

July 11, 2013 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Hedge fund managers whose style is to pick what they believe will be the best and worst stocks to bet on, showed gains during June while the global markets were in “sell-off” mode.

Lansdowne Partners, Egerton Capital, Odey Asset Management, Chilton Investment Co. and Horseman Capital Management were the blue-chip managers that made a profit last month, with many of these hedge funds realizing their gains from their short positions.

•    Lansdowne Developed Markets Fund, run by Pete Davies and Stuart Roden gained almost 4 percent in June. They are up 17.38 percent so far this year, with gains coming from shorting stock.

•    Horseman Global Fund, managed by Russell Clark, gained 3.79 percent in June and 16.8 percent for the year. Gains in June also came from short positions in metals and mining stocks as well as emerging markets financials.

•    Odey Asset Management’s CF Odey Absolute Return, which is managed by James Hanbury rose 1.13 percent in June, but performed well for the year, up by 23.83 percent. Gains came from short positions in equities and bonds.

One hedge fund manager in London said:

“Managers who are focusing on stock selection seem to be doing pretty well. You’re starting to get good dispersion between stocks. Those who use indices to short generally underperformed bottom-up stock-pickers.”

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