SVP of Doral Bank Addresses United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

September 24, 2013 Maria Morales Quote of the Day

Doral Bank’s SVP of Marketing, Public Relations and Community Lucienne Gigante recently spoke at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce premier luncheon.

She explained: “At Doral, we take great pride in being a leading community bank. To us, that means making a difference in the lives of our clients and community. Our strategy is simple- substitute advertising dollars for Corporate Social Responsibility dollars. We believe in creating long-term community programs that empower, educate and provide opportunity. We also believe that driving women’s economic development has a multiplier effect on the economy and is a solution out of fiscal problems.”

Backed by Doral CEO Glenn Wakeman, Gigante has promoted several dynamic entrepreneurial and community programs throughout Puerto Rico, including the Mujeres de Exito program for women entrepreneurs.

According to Ms. Gigante, “The number of highly educated women- women with the potential to start scalable ventures- has reached record levels in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Yet not enough women are being encouraged to take entrepreneurial steps, or exposed to appropriate opportunities, among other conditions, their support structures and networks continues to be limited. We want to change this reality.”

“Over the past two years Doral has invested nearly $3 million in the communities of Puerto Rico, to support the development of women professionals and entrepreneurs through our Mujeres de Exito (Women of Success),” she continued. “Mujeres provides capital for women to start of grow a business, while making education, mentoring and networking opportunities available to help them succeed.”

“In the last year alone, Doral has enabled the creation of 30 women-owned businesses. In fact, just two weeks ago, we injected approximately $1 million into twenty additional high-growth, women-owned businesses.” shares Ms. Gigante’s full speech here.

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