Hedge Funds Not Interested in Advertising, at Least Not Yet

January 7, 2014 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Despite all the hoopla about the new freedoms the JOBS Act bequeathed to hedge funds, it appears that few managers are interested, and even fewer acting on that weak interest. The new rules allowing hedge funds to advertise established by the JOBS Act had many speculating that hedge funds would take advantage of this leniency, […]


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What are Hedge Funds?

July 22, 2013 Maria Morales In the News

Now that hedge funds are allowed to advertise by the SEC it is probably a good idea to review exactly what is a hedge fund. According to Wikipedia a hedge fund “is a collective investment, often a limited partnership, which invests private capital speculatively to maximize capital appreciation.” A good clue to understanding what hedge […]


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Consumers Should Practice Caution as Hedge Funds Gear Up to Advertise

July 17, 2013 Ryan James Hedge Fund News

Now that the Securities and Exchange Commission is giving the green light to hedge funds to advertise, investors should proceed through that light with caution. It is no accident that the SEC forbade hedge funds from advertising to the general investing public: hedge funds are no place for the faint-hearted, or risk adverse. Yes, it’s […]


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Getting Ready for Hedge Fund Advertising

July 7, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Previously barred from any form of mass-market advertising, hedge funds can now offer their wares to the general public as a result of the passage of the JOBS Act, Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups. There is a fear among observers that this new development will not serve the public well, but will rather end up confusing […]


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