Aksia’s New Partnership: Supporting Schools

November 11, 2017 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

In conjunction with a Brooklyn Middle School, the research and portfolio advisory firm Aksia has begun an initiative which seeks to impact students in a number of ways, including through the creation of development of interactive after-school programs. For the 2017-18 academic year, the school – MS 582 – will reap the benefit of Aksia’s involvement […]


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Hedge Funds Not Interested in Advertising, at Least Not Yet

January 7, 2014 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Despite all the hoopla about the new freedoms the JOBS Act bequeathed to hedge funds, it appears that few managers are interested, and even fewer acting on that weak interest. The new rules allowing hedge funds to advertise established by the JOBS Act had many speculating that hedge funds would take advantage of this leniency, […]


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