Hedge Funds Paying Less and Demanding More

October 2, 2013 Debbie Jacobs Hedge Fund News

It’s a whole new world in the hedge fund universe ever since the credit-crunch crisis. Some firms are creating increased competitiveness by offering more services at lower prices. Companies that offer administrative and custodial services to hedge funds are definitely feeling the change, and some of the smaller administrators are being forced to charge lower […]


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Stocks Popular Now with Hedge Fund Managers

December 24, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Looking for a good place to find undervalued stocks? Try examining which stocks were purchased by several insiders, and see if their shared opinions are an indicator of where the stocks are going. Here is a list of several stocks which are now popular among hedge funds, bought in large quantities by more than 30 […]


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Investors Bet on Euro as Greece Falters

May 21, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

Though the euro has managing to keep above water throughout one of the worst financial crises in history, investors are now betting on its downfall if Greece truly is removed from the equation. Alan Ruskin of Deutsche Bank AG explained: “Financial markets’ great fear is that if one country left, it would not necessarily be […]


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Top 10 Most Attractive Stocks for Hedge Funds

March 14, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Tops

Moody’s Investors Service recently revealed that Apple Inc. is one of the most valuable companies in the world today, and possibly #1. It recorded revenue of $1.24 trillion in 2011, compared to the $1.15 trillion of other corporations.  It’s not surprising, then, that it holds the top spot in stocks most attractive to hedge funds. […]


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Citigroup’s Guide for Start-Up Hedge Funds

January 24, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

Despite ups and downs in the market as the global financial situation wavers, Wall Street is still supporting hedge fund pioneers. Citigroup recently publicized a 31-page guide for hedge fund start-ups, which lists five key points in getting a fund up and running. “The Citi Prime Finance Hedge Fund Start-Up Guide is being published at […]


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Citigroup Invests $800 Million of Shareholders’ Money

November 8, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Citigroup, one of the largest lenders in the U.S., recently invested $800 million of shareholders’ money in its private equity and hedge funds. The bank invested the money in Citi-advised” funds, and sold $1.1 billion in separate hedge fund and private equity assets as well. Regulators are now drafting the ‘Volcker Rule’, which works to […]


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Hedge Fund (Medium-Sized) Mega Growth

June 28, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

When Big Isn’t Necessarily Better Sometimes it’s just not all about size. Especially right now, when we’re analyzing the recent performance of hedge funds. Taking a look at what happened last year, it seems that it was these hedge funds that, according to an article in The Financial Times, enjoyed “the largest net asset growth […]


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CitiGroup in Good Company

June 5, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Hedge Fund Hassles According to FINAlternatives, it is not just CitiGroup’s Quantitative Strategies Fund that is encountering setbacks right now. The $400m fund was shut down by Citi, in an attempt to work in conjunction with the Volcker rule that does not allow banks to engage in proprietary trading. According to a Sanford C. Bernstein […]


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Financial Crisis: Good News for Citigroup?

May 30, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Hedge Funds Helping Banks Just because on one side of the coin things can look disastrous, does not mean that this will be the case for the other side of the coin. In fact, just by looking at various big name banks, one can see how the financial crisis may have in some way been […]


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