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Biotech Crash Inspires Bargain Hunters

October 1, 2015 PJ Moore In the News

During the past week the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has lost 18.7 percent, hitting sector investors, especially those in hedge funds, hard. However, although selling seems to be the more prevalent reaction, there are those managers taking advantage of the lower prices and adding to their portfolios. The cause of the fall was a speech made […]


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Trump to Hedge Fund Guys: “Pay Your Fair Share!”

August 25, 2015 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

It seems nothing and no one is beyond Donald Trump’s ability to bombastically insult or single out for scorn. Last month it was immigrants, last week it was women, and this week its hedge fund managers. Trump says that he is ready to reform the tax code to get the managers to pay up their […]


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Clinton Finds Backing from Hedge Fund Stars and Hollywood Celebs

July 5, 2015 James Heinsman In the News

The race for president in 2016 is getting underway, and some of the country’s most famous names in finance and the arts are putting their money where their beliefs are. Interestingly, support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy seems to attract a wide variety of star material, uniting them in their belief that Clinton is the best […]


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