SAC Capital Advisors Top Ten Holdings

July 22, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

Steve Cohen, founder of SAC Capital Advisors is one of the most well-known and successful hedge fund managers. Cohen was listed as the 35th richest man in America by Forbes at an estimated net worth of about $8.3 billion. At the outset SAC was a trading-oriented company with a focus on liquid, large cap stocks. […]


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Ping-Ponging World Stocks

March 30, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

There’s bouncing and then there’s mega-bouncing. It seems like global stocks don’t know which way to turn next and just keep on bouncing around. One minute things are looking great and people are ready to pop open the champagne and at other times it looks like a disaster and depression looms. So what is really […]


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