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George Kellner on Developments at Kellner Capital

June 3, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

George Kellner, Founder and CEO of Kellner DiLeo & Company, or ‘The Firm,’ recently announced a new event-driven investment fund. He also renamed the hedge fund Kellner Capital. He explained: “The Firm has experienced exciting changes and we thought it appropriate to rebrand the organization. We believe our investment process, which combines rigorous fundamental research […]


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Adam Sarhan on the Gold Rebound

May 20, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

Friday’s data revealed that hedge funds and other asset managers liquidated over $2 billion in gold futures over the course of the week. A powerful rebound sent potential shockwaves throughout the industry, however. Sarhan Capital’s Adam Sarhan commented on the development, stating: “It’s still too early to say if this rebound in wheat and gold […]


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Charles Biderman on Today’s Hedge Fund Industry

May 13, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

Hedge funds are still grappling with reduced investor interest and slow performances as the global economy continues on its inconsistent path. Charles Biderman of TrimTabs explained: “Hedge fund industry returns continued to lag popular financial industry benchmarks.” Asset growth in the industry, he says, has been “in a perpetual slide since July 2007.” He added […]


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Jay Krieger on Hedge Fund Performance in April

May 6, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

This past April saw hedge funds fall 1%, while the Bloomberg aggregate hedge fund index fell from 118.60 to 117.45 as well. Fundamental Capital Management’s Jay Krieger explained: “Hedge fund managers have been somewhat cautious. They’re not going to jump on the recovery bandwagon.”


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Quote of the Day: The Power of an MBA

March 11, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

John Taft, CEO of RBC U.S. Wealth Management and chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, once explained that an MBA alone is not enough to guarantee a secure position with a firm. He said: “I think the paper value of an MBA might be overstated. For it to be useful, it needs […]


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Quote of the Day: Ray Dalio

February 26, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Quote of the Day

Bridgewater Associates chief investment and chief executive officer Ray Dalio wrote a guiding document for the firm. He said: “You can probably get what you want out of life if you can suspend your ego and take a no-excuses approach to achieving your goals with open-mindedness, determination and courage.”  


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Quote of the Day: Uncanny Wisdom from the 19th Century

February 19, 2012 James Heinsman Quote of the Day

Financial issues and economic turmoil have been reason for concern for centuries, and the details are often reoccurring. One of the earliest editors for The Economist, Walter Bagehot, was known as the 19th Century Man of Letters. One of his quotes foreshadowed today’s crises: “A central bank is best that governs least, but is prepared […]


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