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Doral Bank Report

March 31, 2014 James Heinsman In the News

In a recent interview reported in Seeking Alpha, CEO and President of Doral Financial Glen Wakeman, spoke about the firm’s Q4 2013 earnings. Despite some of the losses the firm encountered he outlined the positive side of the firm’s activities.  He said: “Our U.S. operations continued to execute extremely well. Assets now exceed $2.8 billion […]


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Einhorn Drops Lawsuit After Discovering Blogger’s ID

March 25, 2014 James Heinsman In the News

Head of Greenlight Capital, David Einhorn, has decided to drop the lawsuit he filed to unearth the name of the Seeking Alpha blogger who revealed his fund’s stock positions in advance of a public announcement. Greenlight announced that it “has resolved the matter privately to our satisfaction,” but did not name the indiscreet blogger. Einhorn […]


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Einhorn Wants Name of Blabbing Blogger to Bring Lawsuit

March 19, 2014 PJ Moore In the News

David Einhorn, vocal head of Greenlight Capital, wants to know who leaked the name of one of his firm’s investments last year in a blog post published on the financial website “Seeking Alpha.” Mr. Einhorn is angry that an anonymous blogger revealed that Micron Technology was one of his investments, and he wants to go […]


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Hedge Funds Take Interest in New Oriental Education & Technology Group

August 21, 2012 James Heinsman In the News

Hedge funds across the globe have been shifting and readjusting their foci as economies change. Seeking Alpha compiled a list of some stocks that have been gaining interest from leading hedge funds over the past few months. One of these new stocks is New Oriental Education & Technology Group, which was picked up by Joho […]


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Top Stocks for Hedge Funds: LHC Group, Inc.

August 12, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

As economies around the world shift, hedge funds and other asset managers have begun to rethink their investments and reassess the stock market. One of the newly-appealing stocks is LHC Group, Inc. Seeking Alpha writes: “According to a Form 4 filing dated July 27th, Christopher Shackelton picked up 31,200 shares of LHC Group, Inc. for […]


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Top Stocks for Hedge Funds: Anthera Pharmaceuticals

August 7, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

Numerous hedge funds have begun stocking up on stocks these past few months. Seeking Alpha, a finance expert, has listed some of the most popular. First was Navistar, which gained approval over the course of last month. Second is Anthera Pharmaceuticals. Seeking Alpha explains: “Peter Kolchinsky, Ph.D., manager of RA Capital Management, picked-up 4.5 million […]


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Top Stocks for Hedge Funds: Navistar

August 1, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Hedge Fund News

Seeking Alpha, an online collection of finance-related articles, recently listed a number of stocks that appear to be gaining popularity amongst hedge funds this month. The first is Navistar. It’s value became apparent when Wall Street tycoon and major investor Carl Icahn bought it five times over the past few weeks, purchasing around 21 million […]


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