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Top Stocks for Hedge Funds: Navistar

August 1, 2012 Debbie Jacobs Hedge Fund News

Seeking Alpha, an online collection of finance-related articles, recently listed a number of stocks that appear to be gaining popularity amongst hedge funds this month. The first is Navistar. It’s value became apparent when Wall Street tycoon and major investor Carl Icahn bought it five times over the past few weeks, purchasing around 21 million […]


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John Authers on Recent Wall Street Developments

April 24, 2012 Debbie Jacobs In the News

John Authers, senior investment columnist for the Financial Times, recently discussed the conclusion of the U.S. banking’s earning season, as well as the most recent proceedings on Wall Street with investment banking correspondent Daniel Schaefer. Authers asked Schaefer whether the negativity towards investment banks (shown in the above chart) has been overdone. “There’s not a […]


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Investors Surprised as Alcoa Posts Gains

April 11, 2012 James Heinsman Company Spotlight

As global markets for aluminum improve in the automobile and aerospace industries, Alcoa Inc showed significant improvement in profits for the first quarter of 2012, after posting losses at the end of 2011. In the face of analysts’ predictions that Alcoa Inc would come away from 2011’s first quarter in the red, the gains stimulated […]


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Quote of the Day: Plunging Profits Have Little Effect on Bonuses

March 1, 2012 James Heinsman Quote of the Day

The New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issued a report on Wednesday predicting the drop in pay for security industry workers in New York will be only 14% after bonuses despite profits in the banking industry dropping by 51%. “The securities industry, which is a critical component of the economies of New York City and […]


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Quote of the Day

February 16, 2012 James Heinsman Quote of the Day

Inspiration from an Insider This quote is taken from “Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager” written by Keith McCullough and Rich Blake. This fascinating book is written from the point of view of an insider, who takes a practical, and at times inspirational look at the world of hedge fund management. McCullogh describes his personal […]


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Citigroup’s Guide for Start-Up Hedge Funds

January 24, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

Despite ups and downs in the market as the global financial situation wavers, Wall Street is still supporting hedge fund pioneers. Citigroup recently publicized a 31-page guide for hedge fund start-ups, which lists five key points in getting a fund up and running. “The Citi Prime Finance Hedge Fund Start-Up Guide is being published at […]


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Obama Engages Execs

June 13, 2011 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

President Barack Obama, Executives and Economic Recovery Just a little before he announced the campaign for his re-election, President Barack Obama met with two dozen Wall Street executives in the Blue Room of the White House and engaged in a discussion on ways to facilitate and speed up the economic recovery. The discussion then moved […]


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Crime Fighting at the FBI

November 21, 2010 Debbie Jacobs Hedge Fund News

The FBI is about to launch an unprecedented onslaught of criminal and civil charges related to insider trading against major Wall Street investment bankers, hedge fund traders, mutual fund traders, consultants and analysts. The culmination of the three years of FBI investigations will expose a culture of pervasive insider trading in U.S. financial markets, including […]


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