Ten Best Large Hedge Fund Performers of 2013

January 9, 2014 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

David Tepper's Palomino Fund had a good year in 2013

David Tepper’s Palomino Fund had a good year in 2013

It’s the beginning of a new year, so it’s time to look back and see which hedge funds had the most success with their investments.

Here is a look at the top twenty according to the Bloomberg Markets Magazine which lists the top 100 large funds, large meaning with assets under management of at least $1 billion.

Last year there were only 16 funds that were able to out-do the S&P 500. Their strategies were similar; backing long stocks.

First place went to the CEO of Glenview Capital, Larry Robbins. He was able to end the year with a jaw-dropping 84 percent return. Defying what many more nervous managers were doing- holding on to cash- Robbins looked Obamacare right in the eyes and bet that the ACA would strengthen healthcare stocks, and did not hesitate to put his money where his hunch was.

Here is the list of Bloomberg’s top 10 hedge fund performers for 2013:

1.    Glenview Capital Opportunity (Larry Robbins) YTD Total Return = 84.2%
2.    Matrix Capital Management (David Goel) YTD Total Return = 56%
3.    Paulson Recovery (John Paulson) YTD Total Return = 45%
4.    Lansdowne Developed Markets SIF (Stuart Roden, Peter Davies, Jonathon Regis)      YTD= 39.7%
5.    The Children’s Investment (Christopher Hohn) YTD Total Return = 39.7%
6.    Owl Creek Overseas (Jeffrey Altman, Daniel Krueger, Jeffrey Lee) YTD Total Return = 38.1%
7.    Glenview Capital Partners (Larry Robbins) YTD Total Return = 37.4%
8.    Trian Partners (Nelson Peltz, Peter May, Ed Garden) YTD Total Return = 34.9%
9.    Palomino (David Tepper) YTD Total Return = 31.5%
10.    Pelham Long/Short (Ross Turner) YTD Total Return = 30.3%

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