Tiger Legend Robertson-Backed Fund Shutting Down

December 8, 2016 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

As investors pull their money the Emerging Sovereign Group has decided to close one of its hedge funds. A manager of about $330 million including borrowed funds, the Emerging Sovereign Master Fund is closing shop.

The fund is a macro strategy and is one of 6 total funds in a filing. The other funds include emerging markets equities and macroeconomic hedge funds.

The Group was managing about $3.5 billion about half a year ago, which was about 26 percent less than last year at the same time.

The Emerging Sovereign Group was launched in 2002 by Kevin Kenny, Jason Kirschner, Mete Tuncel and a sum from Julian Robertson of Tiger Management fame. The Carlyle Group was also involved since 2011, but sold its stake back to the founders recently as part of its general move to withdraw from hedge funds.

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