Traxis Fund Manager Dies at Age 79

July 17, 2012 James Heinsman In the News

The Greenwich, Connecticut-headquartered Traxis Partners LP lost its founder Barton Biggs when he died at age 79 from complications related to a bacterial infection.

According to Amer Bisat, the managing partner at Traxis, no disruption in service or functionality will be experienced by the 1.2 billion dollar hedge fund due to the unfortunate demise of Biggs.

“Traxis remains fully functional, looking after the portfolios of its investors. The leadership has been taken over by the three remaining partners,” referring to Andy Skov, Krishen Sud and himself, Bisat.

Biggs died on July 14 after being hospitalized for a “strong but treatable bacterial infection.” Doctors had been hopeful but mistaken that Biggs would recover completely.

Amer Bisat, Andy Skov, Barton Biggs, Greenwich, Krishen Sud,

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