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September 26, 2019 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Next Wednesday 25th September the annual Trading Show will be held at New York City’s Hilton Midtown hotel. The exhibition is held each year for automated trading and exchange technologies, giving companies the opportunity to present their most recent developments.  This includes: QA systems, market analysis systems, real-time financial systems, etc. 

Some individuals like to attend just to get a feel of the industry.  Others come because they are particularly interested in the subject matter of that year.  This year it is Big Data.

Mozes Victor Konig, Tel Aviv photographer and entrepreneur, spends a lot of time in New York on the hunt for photographic opportunities.  In addition, he has a fascination with the hedge fund industry.  Mozes Victor Keinig said:

“Even though I’m a photographer by profession, since I spend a lot of time in New York I’m also developing a keen interest in the world of business, executives and entrepreneurship. As such, these kind of conferences, trade shows, etc. have become increasingly interesting to me.  I intend to at least catch some of the events being held next week.”

For those interested in up-and-coming technology, this conference is also of note since Big Data is becoming increasingly used as a data storage system. The main areas of discussion will be: Automated Trading, Big Data, Quant World.

Automated Trading, Big Data,

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