Winton Hedge Fund Posts Worse Results Since 2008

May 3, 2015 Ryan James Hedge Fund News

Winton Cap ManThe month of April finished poorly for Winton Capital Management, a hedge fund that used computer algorithms to buy and sell. The $30.9 billion investment company had its largest monthly loss in seven years at its biggest hedge fund.

Winton Futures Fund, valued at $12.4 billion, lost 4 percent in April, slashing its yearly gain for 2015 so far down to 0.5 percent.

“There were some surprises in store for the last two days of the month, with a decent selloff in stocks, bonds and the dollar together with a rally in crude oil,” Matthew Beddall, Winton’s chief investment officer.

The sources of the downturn were mostly currencies and energy stocks. The dollar, which had been rising, fell in April, while the price of oil, which had been falling, and its best single month since May 2009.

April’s loss was only surpassed by its 4.6 percent loss in July 2008, making this the largest decline in almost 7 years.

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