Women Underrepresented in Hedge Fund Sector

December 21, 2014 Ryan James In the News

womenAccording to a new study, women who work as investment banking analysts lag behind their male colleagues when it comes to breaking into the world of hedge fund management. The research was done by the recruiting firm Vettery, and looked at 1,394 analysts; males making up 76 percent of the pool, and women 24 percent.

After tracking the career paths of all the analysts in the study, Vettery found that men made up 88 percent of those that got hedge fund jobs. Men also fared better in other “buy-side” finance jobs, such as private equity. The study showed that 84 percent of analysts who went on to private equity jobs were men, while only 16 percent were women.

Women did do better in other areas, however. They had a stronger representation in the “sell-side” of finance after two years. Women took up about 31 percent of bank jobs compared to 69 percent for men.

Alex Orn, director of analytics at Vettery partially explained the results as a consequence of self-selection by women.  He believes that women may be more interested in a larger variety of roles after banking. They may venture forth more frequently into technology start-ups, business development and strategy, and business school.

“We see a lot more males actually interested in hedge funds, but regardless of that, it’s extremely difficult for both males and females,” he said.

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