World’s Largest Hedge Funds

June 10, 2012 James Heinsman Tops

Despite the difficult year for all financial service providers, and especially hedge funds, there are still several with massive amounts of assets still in their control. Here is a list of the five largest hedge funds in the world.

1.    Bridgewater Associates: With about $77.6 billion assets under management, Bridgewater’s strategy is global macro, is headquartered in Westport Connecticut, and was founded by Ray Dalio.

2.    Man Group: Founded by James Man, this futures and multi-strategy hedge fund has $64.5 billion AUM and is located in London.

3.    JP Morgan Asset Management: Currently fun by Mary Erdoes, this New York-based multi-strategy fund has an AUM of $46.6 billion.

4.    Brevan Howard Asset Management: Based in London, founders Alan Howard and Jean-Philippe Blochet manage $36.6 billion in this global macro strategy hedge fund.

5.    Och-Ziff Capital Management: Daniel Och founded this multiple strategy fund. Based in London, this hedge fund has an AUM of $28.5 billion.

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