Going Green: Hedge Funds By Uranium

October 13, 2021 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Green energy’ is on the agenda of many politicians as consumers and companies increase their demand for sustainable assets and energy solutions. That is why investors are returning to nuclear fuel after a significant period of stagnation. Prices have rallied 37% and big hedge funds are betting on uranium for high returns, particularly given the global energy crisis; nuclear powers are the key to transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Raw uranium, also known as yellowcake, is now at its highest price since 2012. The upward trend brought new investors to this market since the financial crisis. In June 2007, investors pushed the price to a record high of $136 per pound.  

“We’ve been patiently waiting for something to happen for a long time…

Clearly there’s speculative money coming back into the sector.”

Ben Cleary, of Tribeca Investment Partners in Singapore

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