Hedge Fund Buys 28% Stake in AgriNurture

January 3, 2012 James Heinsman Hedge Fund News

Black River Capital Partners Fund, an independently managed subsidiary of the U.S.-based Cargill Inc. run by Black River Asset Management, recently acquired 28% equity stake in AgriNurture Inc. The stake includes 125,486,095 common shares, and is worth $30.45 million.

As a subsidiary of Minnesota-based Cargill, Black River Capital’s deal has made the commodities giant the largest privately-owned business in the United States.

Cargill’s primary dealings include trading, purchasing and distributing grain, as well as other agricultural wares. The company produces food ingredients like starch, vegetable oils and fat, manufactures and sells livestock and feed and trades energy, steel and transport.

AgriNurture, a fruit and vegetable producer, wholesaler and exporter, is currently working to increase and expand its business dramatically. It is in the process of establishing a $5 million factory to support its supply of coconut juice to the American Vita Coco, while last year it acquired 51% of the Big Chill fruit shake franchise. Antonio Tiu, the company’s president, revealed their hopes to make the Big Chill an international brand.

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