Hedge Funds Record Best Gain Since April

As global stocks rally in the face of improved earnings, hedge funds have recorded a 1.4% gain- the best since April.

According to Emma Sugarman of BNP Paribas SA, “There was a broad rally in the market, which led to positive performance. She added that “De-risking in September and raising cash levels meant a lot of people didn’t participate as fully in the rally as they might have.”

The MSCI All-Country World Index of global stocks increased 10% in October as a result of Germany and France’s promise to support European banks and enlarge the rescue fund.

Multistrategy hedge funds increased 0.1% in October, but declined 1.2% this year. Macro funds rose 1.7% last month, but fell 2.3% throughout the year. Long-short equity funds gained 3.6% in October and also fell 2.3% this year.


Published by James Heinsman

James has worked as a hedge fund manager for years. As someone who has always enjoyed multi-tasking, James brings his vast financial experience and his hedge fund background to his position as writer and editor for Hedge Crunch. Editor James Heinsman can be contacted at james(at)hedgecrunch.com.